What Is an RV Rally?

An RV rally is a gathering of RV enthusiasts in one place at a given time. Some rallies are big and some are small. Some are focused around a particular interest or activity (such as photography or hiking) while others cater to a demographic (such as families or singles). Some last a week and some last a couple days. Whatever your interests, you can be sure there’s an RV rally out there to meet your needs!

What Are the Benefits of Attending Rallies?

Even the most introverted camper can attest to the variety of benefits attending a rally offers. Here are just a few: 

A Sense of Community

The RV community is known for being tight-knit, but rallies help foster and reinforce those ties. Families forge deep friendships and meet up when they can to camp together, and the children of those families end up with an enriched friendship experience of their own, connecting with other kids from all over the country. Rallies help like-minded individuals come together and enjoy the RV lifestyle, helping each other whenever needed.

Interactions with Manufacturers and RV Owners

Some of the largest rallies are hosted or sponsored by RV manufacturers and related organizations. This means you could have access to the people who built your rig and their knowledge about your brand of RV. Manufacturers often take cues from feedback they receive from rally attendees, which means that common issues people are having can be addressed and good ideas could lead to new designs or features being implemented in future models! 

What’s more, you’ll meet other people who own the same brand or model of RV that you own (or are looking to buy), and you can tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience as a result. No one knows a rig better than someone who has one, so why not learn from them?

There’s Something for Everyone 

Larger rallies can involve everything from seminars, RV displays, and entertainment to exhibitors, crafts, and side excursions. Smaller rallies may have simple potlucks as activities to get people together. Whether you’re looking for a week packed with exciting events or a few days of relaxed camaraderie around the campfire, there’s a rally out there for you. 

Simply search for the types of rallies that appeal to you in the locations you want to visit. Start by looking for rallies hosted or sponsored by a particular manufacturer or membership group and then go from there. Remember that you don’t have to attend a large rally to have an invaluable experience! 

Have you ever been to a rally? What did you like or dislike about it? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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