4 Tips for Keeping Your RV Secure

We’re in the midst of the summer camping season, and RV enthusiasts are setting up camp across the country. Are you planning a trip this summer? Whether you want to boondock in the mountains or opt for a luxury RV resort with all the amenities, keeping your RV and your valuables secure should be a top priority.

rv security

Here are four tips to help improve your RV’s security while camping!

Invest in a security system.

Adding a camera surveillance and/or alarm system is one of the biggest steps you can take to prevent theft. In addition, placing motion-detecting lights at the corners and door of your RV is an excellent way to keep would-be snoopers or thieves at bay. 

Don’t back into your spot.

Like many other RVers, you may like backing into your campsite so that it’s easier to pull out when it’s time to leave. Unfortunately, doing so also makes it easier for potential jackers to get away with your rig. If you pull forward into a campsite, though, you can make it a bit more difficult for them!  

Upgrade your locks.

It’s well known that most RV storage bays use the same exact lock, which can be opened with a single master key that many people have. For this reason, changing out your locks on storage bays is a must. You can—and should!—protect yourself even further by upgrading the locks on your doors. There are plenty of easy-to-install options on the market, including keyless entry locks with keypads for code entry. 

Store valuables any time you go inside or leave.

It’s easy to want to leave gadgets, tablets, and other items outside for easy access while you’re camping, but that just invites thieves to pay your campsite a visit. So, any time you leave your site or head inside for the evening, take valuables with you or store them in storage bays until the next day. 

Have you improved your RV’s security in any way? What measures did you implement that worked best for you? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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