4 Tips for Buying an RV

The thought of camping in comfort appeals to you. You love the idea of being in the great outdoors but with some creature comforts close at hand. You want to explore and travel but want to maintain social distancing. Maybe you’re ready to buy an RV!

Buying an RV is no small feat and it takes a lot of patience on your part to find a rig that will work for the type of camping you want to do. But it’s not an impossible task and you could end up with an RV that adds an immeasurable amount of enjoyment to your life. 

Here are four tips to get your RV buying process started!

  • Do research – Start your search for an RV online. Learn about the different types of RVs and narrow those down to one or two types that will suit your needs. Visit forums and discussion boards, too, and read up on what existing RV owners are saying about the RV types and brands they’ve purchased. 
  • Shop around – You probably wouldn’t buy the first house you walked into, so why would you do that with an RV? Take time to go to different dealers, look in a few models, ask questions, and get the fine print on any sales that might be running.
  • Buy used – It’s easy to think that just because an RV is brand new it won’t have any major problems, but that’s unfortunately not true. Even new rigs can fail mechanically or manufacturing problems can be revealed rather quickly. What’s more, a new RV depreciates quickly, and this process begins the second you drive it off the lot. Used rigs could have their issues as well, but you won’t pay full MSRP for one. And if you buy from a dealer who fully vets their used vehicles before selling them, you can be confident you’re buying a sound vehicle for less than the cost of new. 
  • Check all your financing options – Unless you’ll be paying cash for a rig, you’ll likely need to finance your purchase. Be sure to get multiple loan quotes from your personal bank and other lenders, even the dealer or seller. While your bank will probably have the cheapest option, the dealer may be running deals or specials that make your costs even lower.

Ready to make the leap? Go for it! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or contact us directly today! 

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