Tips for Painting Your RV

Is your RV looking worse for wear? Is the paint chipping off or faded out? Are there ugly decals peeling away from the sides of your rig? Do you wish you could somehow refresh the look of your RV and give it a facelift? Painting your rig might be the answer!

While a DIY paint job isn’t a project every RV enthusiast will want to tackle, it is something that, with a little elbow grease and patience, can truly transform the exterior of a rig.

Here are a few tips on how to paint your RV:

  1. Buy paint from an auto store – You’ll need oil-based paint that is formulated to withstand the elements and ultraviolet rays from the sun. Plus, you’ll need paint that works with your RVs exterior material (e.g. aluminum or fiberglass). That said, you’ll want to buy paint that is specifically for automobiles. Purchase primer, the color paint(s) of your choosing, and paint thinner.
  1. Invest in a spray applicator – For a big job like painting your RV, you’ll want to make the process as efficient as possible and using a spray applicator will help. Do some research to find out which sprayer will work best for you. Additionally, check to see if you can rent one and any related equipment rather than buy.
  1. Prep the surface – For any painting job to be successful, the paint must go on smoothly and adhere well. To achieve this, the surface to be painted needs to be properly prepared. You should remove any old decals or sand them down, and give your rig a good power wash before you do any painting. It’s also a good idea to check your roof and seals (around corners and windows especially), caulk everything, and complete any needed repairs before you paint. 
  1. Tape off areas you don’t want to paint – Using butcher paper or newspaper and masking tape, cover windows, trim, and other areas that you don’t want to paint. 
  1. Apply primer then paint – Using the spray applicator, apply your primer to the RV surface. Use wide, even strokes to avoid drips. Let the surface dry completely before starting the paint application and between all coats. In most cases, two coats of paint should do the trick. 

Have you painted an RV before? What methods worked best for you? Let us know in the comments or contact us today! 

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