Is It Too Late to Plan a Summer Getaway?

A hectic summer is coming to a close, Labor Day weekend is on the horizon, and kids are headed back to school, whether online or in person. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to enjoy your typical summer travel and are itching to get into the RV and escape for a few days. But is it too late to plan a summer trip?

We don’t think so! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan a last-minute getaway.

Stay close to home.

To make an off-the-cuff trip more manageable, look for campgrounds or boondocking sites that are relatively close to home, say, within a day’s drive or less. That way, you’re not spending too much time traveling and can enjoy more time relaxing.

Choose a location that’s off the beaten path.

Sure, the fancy resorts and popular RV campgrounds with hookups may be booked up, especially on a busy travel holiday like Labor Day weekend, but there could be plenty of options available to you if you look for them. Consider boondocking at a nearby Harvest Host location or even on open land where dry camping is allowed. National parks and forests may also have some camping availability and feature quiet camping locales with beautiful scenery to boot. In short, the more willing you are to go into remote areas, and the more amenities you are willing to forego, the more luck you’ll have in snagging a camping spot.

Be flexible with your vacation days.

If you can travel with some flexible dates in mind – such as just before the weekend or into the following week – you may find more campsite availability than you think. Of course, weekends are going to be the busiest times for most RV campgrounds, so a vacation planned during the week will be your best bet for making a last-minute reservation.

Don’t give up!

Luckily, with online reservation systems, it’s easy to keep an eye on availability at your choice of campgrounds or sites. Don’t forget that other campers’ cancellations could also be a factor, and you could snag someone else’s spot if you’re checking availability regularly. Even if your top location isn’t available, you should still keep looking at different options and thinking in creative ways to help make your last-minute trip a reality. 

Have you ever planned a late-summer getaway on the fly? What approaches worked best for you? What would you recommend to other RVers? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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