Customer Testimonial – Anita

We sold our 2006 National Islander motorhome to RV Select today, and the experience was amazing. I went to the web site on January 30th, filled in the information and got an email within 2 hours from Jarrod Farmer asking for more information. I sent it to him, got a call, and did a little negotiating on the price. Within another hour, got a call from Keri Noonan. She is absolutely awesome! She guided me through the process. I got to pick a date for the exchange. She handled everything so smoothly. The day before the exchange, she sent me the name of the driver, with his picture and phone number. Because we were out in the country far from civilization, my husband and daughter picked him up at the airport. Timmy Bronson, the driver, was the nicest guy you could imagine. He was very professional and very thorough, going over the coach everywhere. He and my husband worked on the final price, then the funds were wired directly to our bank account. Then we finished the paperwork, and Timmy changed the plates and was on his way. The whole exchange took less than 3 hours, including the wiring of funds.

RV Select is wonderfully professional. I am so glad I found you all. We got a fair price for our RV, and though I am heartsick at having to sell it, I am so happy it has a chance at a new life with a new owner.