Customer Testimonial – Bob

I’m not the type of person that writes many reviews, typically only when I have either a very unpleasant experience or, as in this case, a very pleasant experience. After owning motorhomes for more than 28 years, we decided to sell our 9 year old motorhome and take a break from the road. I posted the motorhome on a few of the more popular sites and prepared for a long drawn out process of selling it to a private buyer. On a whim, I looked at Recreational Vehicle Select Incorporated’s ( web site, liked what I saw and submitted a request for a cash price on my motorhome.

The request was very easy to fill out and submit. I submitted the form on a Saturday, not really expecting to get much of a response, if any. They contacted me first thing the next week with an initial offer. After just one other phone conversation we came to an agreement on price and the deal was done. I was pleased with how things had progressed during the initial negotiations and was expecting difficulty in actually closing the sale. However, I found that the person actually handling the details of the transaction extremely competent and informative. She explained how the whole process worked, answered all my questions and sent me copies of all the paperwork upfront. The whole process was straight forward, transparent and low stress.

Within two days of negotiating a price, they had sent a driver to my location (1,000 miles away) and met me with all the paperwork. After a quick inspection, the driver initiated the wire transfer to my account and 20 minutes later the cash was in my account and the sale was completed. I was very impressed with everyone I dealt with a RV Select and would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.